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Not As We Knew It

The days of traditional bookkeeping as we knew it are changing. No longer do you have to employ a bookkeeper, or have a bookkeeper come to your premises.The expansion and acceptance of the Internet has in many ways revolutionised how bookkeeping can impact and help you grow your business. Virtual bookkeepingonline bookkeepingremote bookkeeping, are all descriptions for having a bookkeeper work on your books from a location remote from your place of work. Utilising one of a number of Internet/Web based accounting software packages and a bookkeeper who is experienced and competent in the software will give you peace of mind that your books are up-to-date and accurate.


  • Access to your QuickBooks Online (QBO) account anytime, from anywhere, including on your smart phone

  • Your data is securely backed up at all times, so you’ll never suffer from data loss

  • Review the financial performance of your business in real time rather than once a year

  • Use your up-to-date figures to make better business decisions, helping to improve revenue and/or make cost savings, thereby improving your bottom line

  • Easily determine the financial position of your business at any given date or time

  • Helping you decide on timely actions needed to improve the value of your business

  • Work with us to find tax saving mechanisms for your business before your year-end, before it’s too late to do so

  • Review your business performance for several years at once on one screen at once

  • An up-to-date and accurate bank balance on QBO at all times, so it’s easier to plan your cash-flow

  • Review how your business is performing against budgets

  • With Savoy, you will have the support of QBO certified advisors at all times (telephone, email and online support features) to help you develop your understanding of QBO

  • Working on QBO with Savoy will help improve your understanding of your business accounts and also help improve and develop the financial performance and growth of your business

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