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How It Works


Connect your accounts

It’s quick, easy, and safe! Set it up once and forget about it. We’ll gather your bank and credit card statements so we have the information we need to do your bookkeeping each month.


We'll do the bookkeeping

Using a standard chart of accounts approved by the IRS, we will code all of your transactions (using our best judgement) as income, expenses, assets, liabilities, or equity into your QuickBooks file.


We'll send you everything

Once the bookkeeping is complete, we’ll send you a digital package with your updated financial reports, organized bank statements, and a simple feedback video summary of your business financial health and progress.


Review Account Coding

It's time to review our transaction coding and send changes to your Accountant.  We will make the changes and update your digital report package.


We'll Prepare Tax Returns

We will find and recommend tax savings strategies throughout the year. At year end we will prepare and electronically file your business and personal tax returns.


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