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Thanks for using Savoy Bookkeeping and Tax Services, LLC for your tax preparation needs. Payment for preparation of your tax returns is due when we take up your case and must be completed for you to get your Draft returns.

To protect your privacy and ensure a secure payment, we do not store any of your credit card or other personal details on our website.

You can Pay our Fees either using Debit/Credit cards (2.5% fees applicable) or you can Transfer Money online to our Bank Of America account (free)

Pay through Debit/Credit card
WorkMyTaxes uses “PayPal” for Debit/Credit card payments. Once you click on Pay Now, you will be directed to PayPal’s website to complete the transaction.



Please enter Service fee in dollars:





Once you have completed the payment, you will receive an email notification about the transaction from PayPal. Please keep a copy of your receipt, it may be needed for proof of payment or to substantiate a tax deduction later.

Pay by transferring money online to our Bank of America account: 
Please follow the process below to set up the online transfer from your Bank of America account. Other banks like PNC Bank, Chase or CitiBank may have a different process:

  • Go to Bank of America website and Login to your Bank account

  • Please choose the Option online Transfer to other person’s account using email ID

  • Choose Business

  • Add

  • Name: Savoy Bookkeeping and Tax Services, LLC

  • Verify using passcode

  • Please send the Payment ID as payment confirmation which you may receive on screen or by email.


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