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To-Do After Tax Completion


If you are receiving a refund:


  • Expect your refund within 3-4 weeks

  • Track you refund from our website, after one week of your tax filing. States update the status online after 2 weeks of filing sometime more.

  • If you do not see any status of your refund, after above timeframe, please contact us.


If you owe Taxes to Federal and/or to States :


  • Please check your Bank account to make sure that the taxes you owe were withdrawn by IRS/State Authorities on the date (may delay by 2-3 days) You requested them to withdraw through your tax return.

  • If it is not withdrawn, then contact us immediately.

  • If you have decided to send them the check, please send it before 15th April as per the instructions given to you


Please keep a copy of your returns for 5 years for future reference. It will cost you, if you need old Tax Return copies.


If you get a Notice from IRS, first email the notice to us at info@savoybookkeepingandtax.com.


During the year, your Tax questions will be answered ONLY if you have Annual Retainers Agreement with us.


Follow us on our Social Media pages: We keep updating them with useful Tax tips and Tax timeline all year around. (Links given at the bottom of this page)


After 15th April, please check www.savoybookkeepingandtax.com for Business Hours.